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Want to share your NASSR conference abstract?

NASSR 2011 is just about a month away and if you’re like me, refining and polishing your presentation is at the top of your list.

If you’d like to share a sneak preview of your conference paper on the NGSC blog, or thoughts about your research or writing processes for this project, I would be delighted to post that for you. You can send it to kirstyn.leuner@colorado.edu.

Looking forward to hearing your presentations in Park City!

Our Abstracts – Send Us Yours!

In an effort to start sharing our vast collection of graduate work and ideas, a few of us on the NGSC board would like to share with you our abstracts for the upcoming NASSR conference. They are posted below, just click on the “read more” button to see them.

Please send us your abstracts (see my email below) that have been accepted *for any conference* – it doesn’t have to be NASSR – and I’ll post them to the blog. Please include your name, institution, conference title, and email. I think we’d all love to know more about each other’s work and we can also look for each other’s presentations to support our grad colleagues at professional events.

Thanks! Kirstyn (kirstyn.leuner@colorado.edu)

[abstracts are in alphabetical order by author ] Continue reading Our Abstracts – Send Us Yours!