Reminder: Nominations for Interim Positions!

Again, we want to announce that the NGSC interim board is looking for graduate students who are members of NASSR (or who will join) to nominate themselves or others for the following positions that will be held at least until the Salt Lake 2011 conference and may terminate then.

Please send a 1-page letter of intent, as well as your CV, to by September 10, 2010. Faculty advisors Jill Heydt-Stevenson and Deidre Lynch will select the best nominees for each interim position. Please feel free to email us with questions regarding duties for positions you may be interested in. Rough outlines of duties can be found in the drafted bylaws (they were amended and changed slightly at the NASSR conference, but general descriptions are accurate). NGSC bylaws_Aug 2010

Co-chair nominations needed:
– 2 students from Canadian universities
– 1 student from a US university

Webmaster nomination needed:
– 1 student from a Canadian university

Secretary nomination needed:
– 1 student from a Canadian university

International “floating” board member position
– 1 student from a university that is neither in the US nor in Canada.

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