Reminder: Nominations for Interim Positions!

Again, we want to announce that the NGSC interim board is looking for graduate students who are members of NASSR (or who will join) to nominate themselves or others for the following positions that will be held at least until the Salt Lake 2011 conference and may terminate then.

Please send a 1-page letter of intent, as well as your CV, to by September 10, 2010. Faculty advisors Jill Heydt-Stevenson and Deidre Lynch will select the best nominees for each interim position. Please feel free to email us with questions regarding duties for positions you may be interested in. Rough outlines of duties can be found in the drafted bylaws (they were amended and changed slightly at the NASSR conference, but general descriptions are accurate). NGSC bylaws_Aug 2010

Co-chair nominations needed:
– 2 students from Canadian universities
– 1 student from a US university

Webmaster nomination needed:
– 1 student from a Canadian university

Secretary nomination needed:
– 1 student from a Canadian university

International “floating” board member position
– 1 student from a university that is neither in the US nor in Canada.

Thank You!

The members of the provisional NGSC board would like to thank you for your support at the NASSR 2010 conference in Vancouver. We had a magnificent turnout for both of our events and packed the room for the panel on journal publication. Given the support we received and continue to receive, we are more convinced than ever that this organization will quickly develop into a sustained and active body of Romanticism scholars.

In the very near future, we will post the revised bylaws that reflect changes voted on at the Vancouver conference. Remember that nominations to fill temporary co-chair and other positions are due by September 10 (we will create a separate post for this). We continue to seek your feedback on the development of the website (what do you want it to do? what don’t you want it to do?) as well as general suggestions for connecting, supporting, and celebrating the graduate students in our field. Let’s keep in touch!

International Positions – How to Include in Caucus Board?

We are looking for grad students to please help us consider the possibility of integrating floating international positions to the NASSR Grad Caucus executive board? I know that the Canadian spots should surely remain, but I would be interested to know how we can include our colleagues from nations other than the US or Canada. Jeff Cox threw out the idea of the floating positions to ensure that candidates from anywhere in the globe could contribute and help us to keep a diverse course. Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns?
Please respond with comments – many thanks for your input.

Apply to Be an Interim NGSC Co-Chair

Because the NGSC will be run by an interim board until elections are held at the Salt Lake City NASSR conference in 2011, and because we strive to have a balanced interim board, we will begin taking applications for three needed co-chair positions.

We need:
– 2 graduate students at Canadian Institutions who are members of (or will join) NASSR.
– 1 graduate student from the US who is a member of (or will join) NASSR.

The positions: co-chairs of the NGSC (2 representing Canadian Institutions, 2 representing US institutions). If you have questions about what a co-chair’s duties include, the bylaws should give you an idea – they have been posted to this blog. You can also email us or pull us (especially Dana Van Kooy and John Leffel) aside at the Vancouver conference and the current co-chairs can talk about their experiences and workload in person.

How to apply: Send your CV and a letter of purpose to by Friday, September 10, 2010.

Inaugural Meeting of the NGSC!

The inaugural meeting of the NGSC has been scheduled to immediately follow the roundtable on journal publication.

Date: Saturday, August 21st
Time: noon – 1:30.
Location: same room as roundtable on journal publication

At this meeting we’ll introduce and vote on the bylaws, announce interim positions that will be open for application, demo our web presence, and discuss the future of the caucus and ways for you to get involved!

Time Change for Journal Publishing Panel!

The NASSR Graduate Student Caucus’s Special Roundtable on Journal Publication, “‘What is now proved was once, only imagin’d’; or, What Every Graduate Student Should Know about Journal Publication” has been rescheduled:

Saturday, August 21st
10:30 – noon

Remember, this special panel is your chance to ask questions directly to the editors of three of the leading journals in our field: SiR, ERR, and RaVoN.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Our Abstracts – Send Us Yours!

In an effort to start sharing our vast collection of graduate work and ideas, a few of us on the NGSC board would like to share with you our abstracts for the upcoming NASSR conference. They are posted below, just click on the “read more” button to see them.

Please send us your abstracts (see my email below) that have been accepted *for any conference* – it doesn’t have to be NASSR – and I’ll post them to the blog. Please include your name, institution, conference title, and email. I think we’d all love to know more about each other’s work and we can also look for each other’s presentations to support our grad colleagues at professional events.

Thanks! Kirstyn (

[abstracts are in alphabetical order by author ] Continue reading Our Abstracts – Send Us Yours!

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