Support the NGSC at ICR2014 in Minneapolis! The following is a list of NASSR Graduate Student Caucus Members presenting this week:

Thursday, September 25:

2.30-3.45p–Romanticism Confronts Slavery Panel (Hall of Avenues I Room)

Deanna Koretsky (Duke U)–“Habaeas Corpus and the Politics of Freedom: Slavery, Sentiment, and Romantic Suicide”

Friday, September 26:

9-10.15a — New Reflections in Keats Studies I: Sociability, Media, and the (Non)Human Body [Special Session Organized by the NGSC] (Hall of Avenues II Room)

Renee Harris (U of Kansas)–“‘Young Poets and the Suburban Social Intellect: Lamia in Conversation with Alastor

Jacob Leveton (Northwestern U)–“The Politics of Nonhuman Perception: Keats’s Ode to a Nightingale and the Visual Culture of Animal Rights”

Deven Parker (U of Colorado-Boulder)–“‘4000 lines of one one bare circumstance’: Endymion‘s Mediated Poetics”

Arden Hegele (Columbia U)–“Dissective Reading: Keats and the Rise of Surgical Formalism”

9-10.15a — Wordsworth: Self and Other Panel (Loring Room)

Aaron Ottinger (U of Washington) — “Wordsworth’s Speculative Geometry”

Talia Croan (Boston U)–“Spots of Sibling Time: The Networked Logic of Kinship and Selfhood in Wordsworth’s Lyrical Ballads”

Saturday, September 27:

10.30-11.45a–Enchanting Echoes: Folklore and Form in Romantic Echoes Panel (Hall of Avenues I Room)

Trey Conaster (The Ohio State U)–“Towards an Echopoetics: Repetition and Confession in Romantic Ballads”

Joey Kim (The Ohio State U)–“Wordsworth’s Elegiac Lucy Poems: Craving (Re)enchantment through Reception”

Sunday, September 28:

10.15-11.45a–Romantic Theater, Part 2: Print and Performance Panel (Hall of Avenues II Room)

Randie Sessler (New York U)–“Hamlet as Lecturer and the Lecturer as Hamlet: Acting, Elocution, and the Debate over Staging Shakespeare”

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