Next Thursday 8/11, 10:30am: “The Job Market” Roundtable at NASSR

image by Oberazzi

“The Job Market” — NASSR Day 1: Thursday, August 11, 10:30am.

The NASSR Graduate Student Caucus is proud to present a roundtable on the job market. Come hear luminaries in our field give us critical advice on how to land the positions we’ve worked so hard for.

Speakers and topics include:

Alan Bewell (University of Toronto):  Teaching issues.
Teaching portfolio: What should be included? How do you
demonstrate you are a good teacher?

Julie Carlson (University of California, Santa Barbara):  When
is it best to go on the job market, before or after you are
finished with your dissertation? The MLA interview:  what to
expect.  Some tips regarding a good job talk, what to wear,
the importance of the question period, etc.

Frances Ferguson (Johns Hopkins University):  What to do if
you get a job offer?  How job candidates should talk about
their personal situations with  prospective employers. Job
negotiations.  What can you negotiate?  leave?  A prestigious
postdoc?  Perhaps also something might be said about how one
should understand things if you do not end up with a job offer
or a campus visit.

William Galperin (Rutgers University, New Brunswick):  The job
letter and the dissertation abstract.  Genre of the job
letter: What should be in a job letter? What should not? What
are some viable formulas? Should we follow the standard format
(dissertation description,teaching experience, etc.)?

Jonathan Mulrooney (College of the Holy Cross): Interviewing
tips, as well as preparation for campus visits.  (differences
between research universities, liberal arts colleges,
colleges, etc.)

Juan Sanchez (UCLA): sharing his recent job market experience
and post doc advice.

See you there!