NASSR 2017 Daily Recap: Sunday, Aug. 13

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Stephanie Edwards’s Recap

Day four of the conference was, undoubtedly, the most exciting for me since it was the day of my own panel. Before my mid-morning panel, I heard some interesting and unique papers at “The Life of Things.” Brianna Beehler’s paper, “Frankenstein’s Doll: Production Narratives, Animation, and the Novel,” offered a really cool and fresh approach to reading Frankenstein as a doll narrative, with the Creature moving from doll to doll player. As a huge fan of Frankenstein, I was very excited to think about my beloved text in a new way.

Selfishly, however, my favourite panel of the day was my own, “Gendered Affects,” and not just because I got to introduce a room full of people to Sara Coleridge and her amazing work. I had the pleasure of sharing the panel with Alice den Otter, my undergraduate supervisor, whose patience and encouragement I owe deeply for much of my success as a graduate student. It was a great experience to present alongside her and to offer her some support in return. Additionally, Hannah H. Markley gave a paper about Dorothy Wordsworth, excrement, and emotional constipation that captivated and intrigued everyone in attendance.

Overall, I had a really wonderful time at my first NASSR conference and I want to thank Julie Murray, Lauren Gillingham, and the entire NASSR Ottawa team for making it such a great experience. I never saw you working the entire time I was there and that, to me, shows how hard everyone worked prior to the conference and behind-the-scenes while it was going on. I’m sure I speak for all the attendees when I say that I appreciate all the effort that goes into running a conference of this size and am sending you an internet round of applause.

Until next year, NASSRites. See you in Providence!