Mid-Autumn Editorial Report

Here at the NASSR Graduate Student Caucus Blog, our writers have been knocking it out of the park. They have been working hard since the start of the academic term to bring you sophisticated and thought-provoking articles, and I want to sum up some of what our exceptional writers have achieved in just six weeks, and the new directions in which we’re excited to take this publication.

We at the NGSC are pleased to welcome new and seasoned graduate Romanticists to write for us this year. As the new Managing Editor, I’m delighted to introduce our new regular bloggers for 2014-2015: Emily Zarka (ASU), Daniel Nutters (Temple), Jon deTombe (Queen’s), Talia Vestri Croan (Boston), and Christopher Catanese (Duke). I also warmly welcome back our returning bloggers, Laura Kremmel (Lehigh), Jacob Leveton (Northwestern), and Renee Harris (U of Kansas). Readers can also look forward to occasional contributions from past writers like Deven Parker, Kelli Towers Jasper, Teresa Pershing, and Jenna Leeds, and the work of the ASU 19th-Century Colloquium.

We are thrilled to be able to feature the work of so many fantastic graduate scholars representing institutions from across Canada and the USA. Some highlights from our regular writers from the past few weeks: posts on Keatsian workspace, anatomical archives, filmmaking as critical practiceWordsworthian peripatetic scholarship, online pedagogies, curating an art exhibition, and Sir John Franklin’s ship. And make sure to check back regularly: we have some fantastic new articles on tap for the coming weeks!

The following regular bloggers deserve a special mention. The NGSC is extraordinarily privileged to be able to feature original artistic work inspired by Romanticism, in concert with our writing on scholarship. I am excited to introduce this year’s Poet in Residence, Melissa Walter, and our returning Artist in Residence, Nicole Geary. In beautiful and thoughtful posts, both Melissa and Nicole have already published creative work in their respective media on the blog, and we are eagerly looking forward to following their artistic journeys as the year progresses.

On the subject of aesthetics, regular readers might notice that our website has a new, Summer-of-1816-inspired look! In fact, it’s a near-total makeover. We’ve added an “Announcement” section to keep our readers informed of Romanticism-related scholarships and grants, calls for papers, seminars, dramatic productions, and, of course, quotes from our favorite poets and novelists (sometimes inspirational; other times, about falling and bleeding on the thorns of life). Check back to our Announcements early and often for updates from the Romanticist community and for opportunities for academic growth. As well, we’ve added links to other literary sites of interest, like the NYU Romanticist Research Group, Blithe Spirits, and Public Books. We’re also thrilled and honored that Romantic Circles continues to feature regular updates from the NGSC Blog — many, many thanks to the faculty who support our work.

Interested in writing for the NGSC Blog? We’ve been extremely fortunate to publish the original work of guest writers from the graduate community. Check out fabulous posts on music theory by Andrew Welch (Loyola) and on Blake and urban childhood by Katherine Magyarody-Sigal (Toronto). Also, this year, we’re delighted to introduce a new special series, expanding on the extremely successful Dialogues.  This is the column On First Looking Into…, which showcases the work of undergraduate students who are encountering foundational texts of British Romanticism for the first time.  Gabriela Minden of Columbia University kicked off the series with an exploration of the Lucy Poems, and we’re looking forward to featuring more undergraduate work in the coming days and weeks (and we’re exploring the possibility of developing a companion column for more senior respondents, “On Sitting Down to Read Once Again…”).  As well as standalone articles and accounts of first encounters, we’re also looking for book reviews. To find out how to contribute to the NGSC Blog,  please contact the Managing Editor, Arden Hegele. And comment freely on our posts!

Finally, an open call to our community of readers: we are looking for a new title for this publication, with the subtitle, “Hosted by the NASSR Graduate Student Caucus.” Got a great idea? Write to us, or post in the comments below. The winning title will be announced in the December editorial.

Till then, all the best from the NASSR Graduate Student Caucus!