CFP: ICR 2011, Montreal – Deadline 3/15

ICR2011 “Reinventing Romanticism” – Montreal, November 3-5, 2011

Official Website:

Plenary Speakers:

  • Julie Ellison (University of Michigan, USA)
  • Nicholas Halmi (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Julia M. Wright (Dalhousie University, Canada)

The organizers of the 2011 International Conference on Romanticism invite papers and special sessions on the theme of “Reinventing Romanticism”. This broad and inclusive rubric has been established to elicit a range of possible readings along aesthetic, literary, political, social, cultural, scientific and scientific lines. We are particularly eager to receive proposals from disciplinary perspectives beyond literature and the arts. The deadline for submission is March 15, 2011. (The program will be unveiled by April 1st.)

In addition to paper proposals, the organizers would be especially happy to consider of proposals for complete special sessions on the conference theme. Special sessions should consist of three presenters and a moderator (who may also be a presenter); please submit separate proposals for each paper and a brief description of the session. In the event that a proposed special session cannot be accommodated, individual paper proposals will be considered separately.

Topics for papers and special sessions might include:

  • Reinvention of culture
  • Reinvention of Romanticism
  • Reinventing the Regency
  • Reinventing the Romantic archive
  • Plagiarism and forgery
  • Romanticism and Postproduction
  • Romanticism and techne
  • Reinvention of the Romantic canon
  • Reinventing and reinvesting
  • Reinvention of Romanticism in contemporary writing
  • Reinvention of Romantic critical traditions

Please send your 500-word proposal as PDF only to

The conference organizers, Michael Eberle-Sinatra (Université de Montréal) and Jon Sachs (Concordia University)