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Summer Camp for Library Types: A Week at Rare Book School

lion“Go be smart. Don’t forget to wash your hands.” These two pieces of wisdom, spoken by RBS Director Michael Suarez, marked the end of daily mid-morning or mid-afternoon breaks during my week at Rare Book School at the University of Virginia. This thirty-year-old program encompasses the love and care of books from a myriad of different angles: collecting, cataloging, reading/transcribing/interpreting, identifying and describing, even binding and printing. The list goes on, all courses focused on developing the skills of librarians, collectors, editors, booksellers, conservators, and scholars through the historical study of books and how we make them accessible. One course, five days, 6+ hours per day of non-stop book-talk. No water, unwashed hands, or writing utensils other than pencils allowed in any of the classrooms: a classroom treated like an archive, or an archive treated like a classroom. In other words, heaven for book lovers like me. Continue reading Summer Camp for Library Types: A Week at Rare Book School

Reminder: NASSR 2015 Essay Prize

Dear all,

This year’s NASSR Conference organizers would like me to remind you of the graduate student prize for papers presented at the conference. The details are copied below, from the Conference website:

NASSR 2015 Graduate Student Prizes
Co-sponsored by NASSR and European Romantic Review
Each year NASSR conference organizers offer prizes for graduate student papers presented at their conference.  To be eligible, you must be a graduate student in good standing at the time of the conference.  Please submit an electronic copy of your completed conference paper with a 100 word abstract to the conference organizers at by July 15, 2015.  The paper chosen as Best Graduate Student Paper will be published in the conference issue of European Romantic Review.  Results of the contest will be announced at the conference banquet.

Jacob, Caucus Co-Chair

Graduate Student Housing for NASSR 2015

Hello NASSR Grads,

We have recently been advised by the organizers for this year’s NASSR conference in Winnipeg that the University of Winnipeg Hostel (a twenty minute walk from the conference venue) has a limited number of rooms available at grad-friendly rates.

If interested, see:

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Manitoba!

Jacob, Caucus Co-Chair

Google Hangout with a Prof!: Rob Mitchell (Duke), Next Friday (Mar. 6)

As promised, we are excited to announce the first iteration of a NASSRGrads initiative to make space for new modes of intellectual engagement between graduate students and established romanticists. The event will take place next Friday, March 6th, from 4-5pm (EST), via a Google Hangout video chat. Rob Mitchell–professor of English, director of graduate studies, director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Science and Cultural Theory, and affiliated faculty in Women’s Studies at Duke University–will be in conversation with caucus graduate students regarding his interdisciplinary work, which has spanned the areas of romanticism, economics, biology, and bioart. There is space for 7 graduate students. To register your interest, and gain access to the Hangout, please email:

JacobLeveton2017 at u.northwestern [dot edu] by Monday, Mar. 1.

News: NASSR deadline extended!

Please note that the NASSR 2015 deadline for conference abstracts has been extended to February 7th, 2015. Information about the conference can be found here, and special session details are available here.

If you’re interested in participating in the NASSR Graduate Student Caucus Roundtable on Public Romanticism (in addition to any other speaking responsibilities at the conference), please see our CFP here. For details on the many fascinating special session panels organized by graduate students, consult this blog’s previous post.

We look forward to seeing you all in August!

A Year of Growth

The passing of a calendar year prompts reflection among many folks, including the NASSR Graduate Student Caucus co-chairs. Looking back, 2014 was a big year for the Caucus.

The NGSC Board doubled in size. After putting out a call for board members, Jake, Laura, and I were overwhelmed at the response. Graduate students at all levels (first year M.A. students to doctoral candidates), enrolled in universities across the country, volunteered their efforts and energy to expand the Caucus. For the first time, the co-chairs and board members met using Google Hangouts. More than twenty-five people participated in the meetings. Many of the ideas and changes that fill the rest of this post are the result of these meetings and the giving, thoughtful folks who make up our Board.

Continue reading A Year of Growth

Mid-Autumn Editorial Report

Here at the NASSR Graduate Student Caucus Blog, our writers have been knocking it out of the park. They have been working hard since the start of the academic term to bring you sophisticated and thought-provoking articles, and I want to sum up some of what our exceptional writers have achieved in just six weeks, and the new directions in which we’re excited to take this publication. Continue reading Mid-Autumn Editorial Report

Call for Nominations for NGSC Co-Chairs

The NASSR Graduate Student Caucus (NGSC) invites nominations for 2 Co-Chairs to serve on its Board. Nominations should be emailed to the current Chair, Kirstyn Leuner, by Wednesday, October 23. Following nominations, a ballot will be available for electronic voting. Ballots will be collected and results tallied by the Chair and NGSC Faculty Mentor, Prof. Jill Heydt-Stevenson (CU-Boulder).

Self-nominations are welcome. NASSR membership is not a requirement to run as a Co-Chair, but it is a requirement to serve as a Co-Chair. All nominees must be graduate students studying Romanticism.

Nominees (if nominating yourself) should provide a brief bio and statement of interest and agree that, if elected, they will be willing to serve for one year. (CV is not required for nominations.)

Co-Chair responsibilities include:

  • Organizing and chairing the NGSC  professional roundtable at the annual NASSR conference
  • Organizing a graduate student pub night at the annual NASSR conference
  • Serving as a liaison for graduate students in the field to the NASSR Board and for NASSR events
  • Working with NGSC Faculty Mentor (Currently, Prof. Jill Heydt-Stevenson)
  • Working with NGSC blog editors to maintain and grow web presence
  • Overseeing and revising by-laws, as needed, under supervision of the NGSC Faculty Mentor.

Furthermore, we encourage nominations of graduate students who are driven, creative, and who would contribute innovative ideas for how this organization can grow and evolve to meet the needs of our changing field.

Email nominations to:

Service is an opportunity to help the NGSC grow and serve graduate students studying Romanticism. If you have ideas about how to make the NGSC stronger or can help it do a better job, please nominate yourself! Or, if you know someone who you think could contribute to the NGSC, please nominate him or her. If you have questions about the position or the organization, please email us and we would be delighted to address them.

NGSC Mission Statement: The NASSR Graduate Student Caucus (NGSC) is intended as a venue, under the aegis of NASSR (North American Society for the Study of Romanticism), for graduate students interested in the study of Romanticism to make contact with one another and to share intellectual and professional resources. We are committed to working together to further the interests, not only of the graduate student community in Romantic studies, but also of the broader profession, by helping to train active and engaged scholars who will continue to strengthen and advance themselves and the discipline. All graduate student members of NASSR are invited to attend caucus meetings and to participate in elections and panels. This is an opportunity for you, the future professional scholars of Romanticism, to take part in an organization designed to address your concerns as student-scholars, to attend to your needs as pre-professionals, and to celebrate your and your peers’ triumphs.

Thank you,

Kirstyn Leuner, Chair
Jill Heydt-Stevenson, Faculty Mentor